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Also, the progesterone has increased my breast tenderness so much that for two weeks of the month I can barely stand to be hugged because they’re so painful.

And that’s followed by a week of period pain, which doesn’t leave much time for the testosterone-fuelled lifestyle I still dream of.

Live events, to avoid these and other dirty words, often refer to a seven second delay.

Note that live events are NOT immune to the dirty words; these seven seconds between recording and broadcasting allow the networks to add in last-minute edits like censorship and captioning.

is almost certain to die behind bars after a judge handed him a 13-year term for the child sex attacks spanning nearly a decade.

Praising the victims for coming forward and giving evidence, he contrasted the emotional and psychological damage the offences had done to them with Clarke, who, he said, had been 'able to lead your life without being punished for your dreadful acts'.

As I said in my previous post on HRT there is no longer a female-specific form of testosterone available in the UK so women have to take testosterone that is manufactured for men.

In a press release issued by The British Menopause Society it appears that testosterone implants have also been withdrawn, because of a ‘profitability decision’ by the manufacturer.

Over the years I’ve been writing about chocolate, my interest in the subject has developed significantly. Part science, part art, the explosion of small craft chocolate makers has coincided with a fall in the price of chocolate making machinery.

On the positive side, I haven’t had any bad side effects.

No acne, hair falling out or deepening of my voice and I haven’t been involved in any fights.

It’s bigger than a pea – probably the size of a 20p coin. Well, no channelling Arnold Schwarzenegger for me, I’m afraid.

It took me about two tubes before I had worked out the approximate amount to put on each day. I was hoping I would feel powerful, fearless and horny all the time. I imagined walking with a swagger and effortlessly replacing my belly flab with a six pack while oozing sex appeal at the same time.

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Carlin's follow-up album, This may be an homage to Carlin, since it consists entirely of six of his Seven Dirty Words and excluded the one he said didn't belong on the list, namely "Tits".

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