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which is basically a new and improved version of his “Dating Younger Women” Program that I wrote about in the original review…I’ve left the original review below, so you can read that for more info as it still holds true for this new program.He talks about the sexiest words to say to a girl on your first date.If you’re just out to ‘get some’ then you probably won’t like this advice, but if you’re actually looking to meet that someone special, this is a pretty cool article.It shows that you’re not a Grabby Mc Grabster, not a predator, not needy, not trying to simply “score.” It allows her to relax.It shows that you actually care about who she is and whether you two match up in your concerns, passions and vision of a life. Well, a little humor goes a long way in letting everyone relax.This is a life Adam has described as being akin to living on a “planet of eternal springtime” and I must admit that it sounds pretty damn good.Now, to be honest I am myself only on the cusp of being an “older guy” as Adam explains it, so I don’t really have the personal experience of what it is like to be a 50 year old guy trying to pick up a 25 year old girl…

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The basic concepts and methodology is the same, but it’s been updated and improved, and there are some new bonuses.

The bottom line is – when it comes to this topic of dating YOUNGER women, Adam is the best guy to learn from. And, as I get older this material becomes more and more relevant to me.

Tonight is just an opportunity for us to share our truths, our visions, what we want to create in this life – and to see if we inspire each other, even a little.

So if I don’t “make a move” or try to kiss you, please know it’s not because I don’t want to, but I want to save that first kiss – if this ends up begin what I hope it will be – for when we feel truly connected.” The primary goal with words like these is to take sex off the table on a first date (and from underneath it, too).

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Check it: Several years ago, I met a woman online who I thought I could and would marry.

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