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He took a seat two chairs down from Marilyn, leaving an empty one between them.“Hey, Marilyn,” he said quietly.“Hey, Nick,” she said. At her news conference in July to announce the dismissal of charges, she seemed to offer a glimpse into her mood and thinking when she denounced the city’s criminal-­justice system as hopelessly broken. In the days after her announcement, Mosby would be thrust into a woozy limelight: called onstage at a Prince benefit concert and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.

In case you are picturing some old white dude with a revanchist hankering for the good old days of zero tolerance, I want you to know that this cop is a woman of color with staunchly liberal views, who firmly supports mandatory police cameras and readily acknowledges, for example, that under the mayoralty of Martin O’Malley in the early 2000s, the Baltimore police behaved like a goon squad, rounding up black people in mass arrests without a scintilla of probable cause.

’ ” she boomed before a bank of television cameras in a clip that would echo across the country, would calm the simmering tenor of the city and would, at least temporarily, elevate Mosby to the role of proxy for a nation reeling with outrage and disbelief over the failure of other prosecutors in other cities to indict other police officers for the killings of other black men, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner on Staten Island.

Marilyn is the state’s attorney who, in the midst of that unrest, took to the steps of the War Memorial downtown, facing City Hall, to announce that she was filing criminal charges against six police officers over Gray’s death.“I have heard your calls for ‘no justice, no peace!

So when a curious figure like Mosby emerges, even if she’s bound to silence, you’re only a phone call away from a personal introduction.

Which is how it came to be that one day in August, I asked a friend to put us in touch and discovered that Mosby was not only willing but eager to record a series of conversations.

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