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Mendte, who read the news with Lane at a Philadelphia news station for more than four years, is suspected of sending messages from his co-presenter's account with compromising information that ended up in the press.One, containing a photograph of Lane in a bikini, was sent to a sports television presenter, a married former colleague, whose wife intercepted the email and replied: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini ... I mean, what better way to get a guy's attention than with skin! Another included details of an assault charge stemming from a scuffle Lane got into with a plainclothes New York police officer.Former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane alleged in a lawsuit that the station was negligent for failing to stop her onetime coanchor Larry Mendte from hacking into her work and personal email accounts, and spreading gossip about her to other news media.

He is expected to plead guilty when he appears in court on August 22 and could face a six-months sentence if convicted."The mere accessing and reading of privileged information is criminal," said prosecutor Laurie Magid, Pennsylvania's acting US Attorney.

Ed Rendell commissioned a portrait of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Philly artist Caryn Kunkle. I hear on Thursday he stopped by Dirty Franks (347 S.

He'll unveil the portrait on the July 9 episode of "Power Your Life with Dr. 13th St.), while on Friday night he and his agent stopped by bars Woody's (202 S.

One aspect of their affair that neither of them denies is that Mendte, upset about the end of their alleged affair, broke into Lane's work email and began sending messages to newspaper reporters throughout the city to damage her reputation.

The legal spotlight then turned to Lane in December 2007, who was arrested for an unrelated case when she allegedly punched a plainclothes police woman during a trip to New York City, calling the officer a 'f****** dyke b****' during a drunken rage.

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