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has long flirted with the idea that the Jenningses might return home — last season particularly — but neither Philip nor Elizabeth seemed able to imagine it.But now, the show is finally demanding that they take the prospect seriously. As usual, a Gabriel quote doubles as a kind of meta-analysis of the show — here, he names the spiritual malaise afflicting everyone this season as lies stack up and guilt accrues.She contacted us for the following correction: "Chiriaco Summit did have a motel but it was demolished to make room for new buildings which are up and open.A new motel is projected, exact date to be determined." Letter to the Editor I read with interest the article by Susan Jayne on "Italian Swiss, The Culture and Language of Italy Extends Beyond Her Border." Having lived in Switzerland for several years working for the UN in Geneva, my wife and I traveled extensively in Switzerland including the Canton of Ticino.

Philip looks a little put out when Deirdre indicates that she has zero interest in him beyond casual sex, and it bugs Elizabeth that Benjamin is cheating on her.

(That it's pushing those considerations in a season that begins with the exhumation of a KGB spy who'd planned to return home does not bode well.) As we learn more about the Centre's activities from Oleg's side in Russia, and from Philip's flashbacks and conversations with Gabriel, it seems less and less likely that spies get to be welcomed home as heroes and treated to a pleasant retirement. But what's most interesting about Gabriel's exit is how differently he behaves during his goodbyes with Elizabeth and Philip.

I worry about Gabriel almost as much as I worry about that wheat plant (seriously, they had to bribe a pilot to smuggle the Glanders sample — how on Earth is he going to get that thing through customs? His attitude with the former is resigned and reassuring.

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All screenings take place at the Walter Reade Theater at 165 West 65th Street, unless otherwise noted.

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Being native Italians, we took it for granted that the "Ticinesi" had some affinity for Italians or Italy. They made it very clear to us that they were SWISS, who happen to speak Italian.

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  2. I should add that about 92 percent of the MS-13 members that ICE arrested were here illegally. And I also want to note that – and this is on the fact sheet I referred to before, which is on our website – while MS-13 arrests represented only about 13 percent of all of the ICE arrests over this decade, they were responsible for about 35 percent of the murderers that were arrested, which just shows you that they are disproportionately violent than some of the other street gangs that law enforcement has been dealing with.