Are alex gaskarth and lisa ruocco still dating 2016

Luke's heart is fragile from his last relationship, but ever since he'd taken over his grandmother's bakery after she passed away, he had convinced himself he didn't have time for love.

He'd work ten hours a day, and go to his uni classes at night, and that was just fine, until he meets a handsome tradie who develops a love for Luke's pies.

Ruocco and Gaskarth have been dating since high school.

They have had an on and off relationship due to Gaskarth constantly being on tour and at one point, Ruocco has cheated on Gaskarth while away on tour.

The only one still welcoming members happens to be the gay straight alliance, or GSA which Geoff, a childhood best friend of his happens to be the leader of. When Wendy has no hope left, she find Alex, Jack, Zack, and Rian, four homeless orphans who only have each other.

Problem: Awsten doesn't even know what the first letter of LGBTQIA stands for. Can they escape their own realities and find their "Neverland"?

Alexander William Gaskarth was born on December 14, 1987 in Essex, United Kingdom.

When Alex is forced to go to a Catholic boarding school after coming out to his parents as gay, he is sure he is in for the worst time of his life.

Little does he know, he's going to meet someone there who's going to turn his whole world upside down.*HS AU JALEX* Ryan stared transfixed as a boy he vaguely recognized from his music appreciation class crossed the street and unfolded a sign which read 'Jesus Loves Me This I Know' in rainbow colored letters.

” he sighs, feeling Ashton’s gaze, and before Luke can turn his head, he quickly retreats to staring out of the window.“It’s just... ” he mumbles, suddenly feeling self-conscious, the weight of Luke’s gaze pinning him to his seat, “the song, I mean.”“Not really,” his words are underlined with something Ashton can’t quite decipher.

“It’s not funny or fitting for that matter, Ashton. Especially now.” Awsten Knight is the obnoxious "problem student" at Lakeview High School.

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