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Aired on 8-9p ET • Source: Kelly Said the President Was Becoming "Unhinged;" Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Suit Against President Trump; V. Pence's Physician Alerted White House About Ronny Jackson Last Fall; Wall of Untruth; Israel Says Iran "Lies" About Nuclear Program; President Trump: "I've Been 100 Percent Right As Israel Claims To Have Proof Of Secret Iranian Nuclear Program; "New York Times" Obtains Questions That Special Counsel Wants To Ask Trump.Aired on 8-9p ET • "New York Times:" Mueller Wants to Ask President Trump Dozens of Questions to Determine If He Obstructed Justice.Aired on 8-9p ET • Iranian Forces Fire Rockets At Israel Territory; Columbus Nova Takes Steps to Distance Itself from Russian Oligarch; Sources: Cohen Pitched Himself During 2016 Election Promising Access to Trump; AT&T Says It Provided Information on Cohen to Mueller Last November And December; Trump Officials Prepare For Singapore Summit with North Korea; CIA Director Nominee Vows Not to Start Interrogation Program.

Aired on 8-9p ET • North Korea Threatens to Pull Out Of U. Summit; White House Aide's Comment Didn't Come Up In Meeting Between President And Republican Senators; Federal Judge: Manafort Trail Can Proceed; Different Judge Earlier Assailed Mueller Probe; TMZ: Meghan Markle's Father Now Says He Can't Attend Royal Wedding Due To Heart Surgery; Trump Administration; Hamas is Responsible For Suffering in Gaza.

Aired 9-10p ET • Giuliani: Mueller Tells Trump Team He Will Follow DOJ Guidance That A Sitting President Cannot Be Indicted; New Information Revealed About Infamous Trump Tower Meeting, Questions Surround A Mystery Phone Call; President Trump Discloses Payment to Cohen, Possibly To Cover Stormy Daniels Hush Money; Ethics Office Refers to Justice Department; "New York Times:" New Details Revealed About Origins Of Investigation into Trump Campaign, Code Name "Crossfire Hurricane;" President Trump: "We'll Have To See" If North Korea Summit Happens.

Aired on 8-9p ET • Giuliani: Mueller Tells Trump Team He Will Follow DOJ Guidance That A President Cannot Be Indicted; New Information Revealed About Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Questions Surround a Mystery Phone Call; New Yorker Magazine: Missing Files Motivated The Leak Of Michael Cohen Financial Records; American Actress Meghan Markle Set to Marry Prince Harry on Saturday.

Aired on 8-9 ET • Former Trump Attorney Warns Trump That Michael Cohen Could Turn on Him; President Trump Now Says Russia Will Face New Sanctions "When The Time is Right;" Trump on Fate of Mueller and Rosenstein: "They're Still Here;" Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for Defamation.

Aired 9-10p ET • President Trump Won't Say Whether He'll fire Mueller Or Rosenstein; Former Trump Attorney Warns Trump that Michael Cohen Could Turn On Him.

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