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- the first try: Green & bitter bergamot peel with crystal sugar, earthy patchouli & a few rose petals. Patchouli is fading to smoky & herbal incense /what a pleasure/ & red roses compete with heavy and intoxicating jasmine blossoms. In sum, I think this fragrance should be tested in a cold & humid weather because then this scent reveals all its deeper & darker facets that make it so beautiful & irresistible. I read that Brad Pitt also loves and wears Coco eau de Parfum. This beauty is an exception and I'm very happy I'm able to wear it, I only need to apply it lightly. I think it is a well blended fragrance and even though it is light, i think it is kinda complex.And what is even better - this scent is spiced with aromatic cloves & warmed up with mild sandalwood. I Just wanted to add something Really Quick about My Beloved CCNoir, as I already left a review a few years back, I've had and Intensely LOVED this for the past 3 years and the More I use this the more I've come to realize Is That What Poison is to DIOR, Coco Noir is To CHANEL! If a man can easily wear Coco, a man MUST wear Coco Noir. Coco Noir is by far my favorite scent from the Chanel mainstream line. I am surprised to see there is no incense note listed. I like the slightly sweet smoke with the cleanness. This is one of the few Chanel fragrances that i would gladly wear.Coco Noir is warm, spicy, sexy, intriguing and very similar to Coco, but there is an underlying "greenness" that comes out, especially in the beginning. If you haven't tried this beauty yet, you're in for a treat, I highly recommend it! I don't think this is a sexy perfume, and it is not really office appropriate.When I first apply Coco Noir, and I know this might sound odd to some, but I get a very prominent whiff of vintage (and awesome) Magie Noire :) Coco used to be a Powerhouse, but of course since the 80's it has been reformulated. I imagine someone wearing it maybe at the airport, maybe at an art gallery...

Then, in 2001, came Coco Mademoiselle, a breath of air that lightens this cornucopia of fragrance, in which everything is simplified and accelerated in a radiant burst of fruit and flower.I don't know if it is my skin chemistry or anything, I really do want to be able to wear this. Its nice there's always something you can wear that immediately injects that "Non cocky, unafraid of anything" type of confidence, without the sweet-girly-fruity-sometimes described as slutty-attention seeking from the fellas. Which i must admit, as the average girl, like to blanket myself with those kinds of scents, too. Mysterious, elegant, yet not as dark as the name and appearance suggest, this beautiful creation is surprisingly wearable, mostly as an evening scent, yet might be worn even during daytime and it could be suitable for many occasions.For now I swapped it, will try again some day as I agree that it is a beautiful perfume. - the second try: Sweet & fresh bergamot, intensively herbal patchouli & a bunch of roses. - the third try: Bergamot is turning into bittersweet grapefruit juice. As a highly sensitive person I really have to be careful with heavy scents, since most of them give me an instant headache , finding a heavy scent I can actually wear, feels like winning the lotery!And nothing else, that’s what makes it so frustrating for me. I’m quite disappointed because I was expecting more out of this as I totally adore coco mademoiselle, coco and no5. On my skin it smells like a fresh floral soap supported by some slight powdery creamines, no mystery or darkness at all, and stays like this for more than 3 hours, then it dries down to the tonka note, very close to skin.I'd easily wear this around the house because the quality is nice and it smells very pleasant. What I am surprised about this fragrance is that on me, the opening spray and the dry down smell almost the same!

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"For Coco Noir, I thought of Coco and of Coco Mademoiselle too, because it’s also part of the history.

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