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In 2016, Avatar: The Last Airbender's website as well as the games were moved back to when was shut down.

Sokka has a plan to invade the Fire Nation during an eclipse, when the firebenders are powerless.

However, if the player selects an incorrect letter, it results in getting a fire blast pelted at Aang by Zuko.

If the player continues guessing incorrectly, the fire blasts will continue to hit Aang until the player gets up to eight incorrect guesses; the game would be over and the player has the option to begin a new game.

Just choose the village you want to attack and gear up yourself for battle.

The online games were first released on Nick.com, but were later moved to when the series was taken off Nick's main channel and moved to Nicktoons Network.Sokka has to get to the village quickly to warn the villagers that the dam will explode and they have to evacuate the place.Toph and the gang need to reach Ba Sing Se by crossing the dreaded Serpent's Pass.Fortress Fight, along with its sequel, is a mini-game hosted by It involves launching projectiles at an opponent's fortress until it is completely destroyed.

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