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So first I would like to say, I am not poor or struggling financially by any means, but I enjoy the relationship and concept of an older sugar daddy. I speak a little Chinese and enjoy reading, traveling, and trying new cuisines.

I am hoping my partner will have the means to spoil me, because I will spoil them in whatever way they want. I am not skinny and if you don't like bigger girls then I am not for you.

But then it gets you thinking: You're single, too — what could be so bad about a casual night in bed with someone you like but don't love?I am sweet and caring and have a lot to offer for the right person. whitwhit2012 首先我想说的是,我并不贫穷,也没有任何经济上的挣扎,但我喜欢一个老白糖爸爸的关系和观念。我二十出头,在北京工作。我会说一点中文,喜欢阅读、旅游和尝试新的菜肴。我希望我的伴侣有办法宠坏我,因为我会以任何他们想要的方式宠坏他们。我是一个来自美国的外国人。我不瘦,如果你不喜欢更大的女孩,那么我就不适合你。我是甜蜜和关怀和有很多提供给合适的人。如果这对你来说不错,加上我的微信。 whitwhit2012 您好,How are you! 和一酒徒居住(已成室友),经常感觉很受伤害和及其生气。不忍-酒徒砸东西;忍-肺内都是气和委屈; 忽略-每周3-4次多; 躲-半夜没地方去。不是应酬而是喜欢喝烂酒,之后随心所欲骂人. 想寻一平和的日子,50岁,离婚,年龄大条件差还有可能吗? Live with a drunkard(similar roommate), often feeling hurt and big angry. Just wanna find a decent western guy to have family and children in the future. This is a good Beijing girl,168cm,divorced,no kids.Don’t Endure- drunkard broke something, endure- angry and suffer all in lung, ignore- 3-4 more times a week, hide- no place can live. I have good job and some hobbies so life can not be boring.Looking for a mature and loving man who has the same values and goals. I am looking for a nice Chinese girls 18-43 on the average ( if your not chinese don't be shy) but girls only. Hi,i'm Kelly and 31 years old ,i'm looking for a humble , understanding , caring , and respectful man with a great sense of humor to share the rest of my life with The man must be above 40 years old I am single and never married I am ready to make this man happy for the rest of our lives So Are you this man to invite me to your location for a long lasting relationship??if your married and arn't happy with your husband. NB : Please reply with your email and whatsapp number No jokers No drama Its getting warm now.

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