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Bubba Thompson, 30, of Geneva is one of 22 suitors vying for a bachelorette's affections in the third season of the CMT dating reality show "Sweet Home Alabama." The new season premiere's Friday, Jan. It’s not always easy for a cowboy to find the right woman.

“I’m straight cowboy; that’s just how it is,” said Bubba Thompson of Geneva.

“It’s hard to find a woman that wants a cowboy.” So what’s a cowboy to do?

Well, you could try a dating reality show that brings together “city” bachelors and “country” bachelors all with hopes of earning the affections of one woman. — is one of 22 bachelors vying for the heart of Paige Duke, a former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ambassador from Lancaster, S. The show is filmed in and around Fairhope, but many of the contestants are from other areas of the country.

“The country I lived in began to disappear,” Thompson said.In 2012, his charm and traditional values landed him in the runner up spot on a popular southern-style dating show.Over the course of the show, he won the hearts of women across the country with his integrity, manners, and respect for women.“What I am saying is, all games are bad,” he writes.“Living life by saying what you fee, and acting on it – that is a code, not a rule.

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And there are plenty of details about his strong feelings for Duke, and the ways they evolved over the course of the show.

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