Chace crawford and jessica szohr dating

So Nate kisses Jenny, thinking it’s Serena, and in the end everything is left perilously up in the air.

off the air in January, we and every other fan turned almost instantly from gossip about the show to gossip about the actors.

“The psychology of celebrity is such a weird and new thing,” Dan — Penn — says of the cast’s sudden notoriety.

When he walked in, wearing black Levi’s skinny jeans and a Diesel hoodie that hit his slender wrists just so, the restaurant’s flamboyant waiters shrieked and hugged him.

They later said it was because he was a regular, but shrieks and hugs are a natural reaction to someone who looks like him.

Oh, and Dan’s little sister Jenny (Taylor Momsen) has locked Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), the show’s brooding Draco Malfoy type, on the roof in his underwear, since he once tried to date-rape her, and she’s rushing out of the building when Nate — whoops!

— mistakes her for Serena, since they are wearing masks and both have 200 pounds of blonde hair extensions.

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