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People were still arriving so she said to wait in the bar and get a complimentary drink. I actually had a good 20 minute conversation with them before the event even started! Even though the speed-dating hadn't really begun yet, I had talked about my blog and travels, so I wasn't allowed to discuss that any more for the rest of the night! The only thing I could repeat were basic things like my name, the fact that I've been in Amsterdam a month, and a casual mention that I'm a writer, without necessarily expanding on it.

I told them why I was in Amsterdam, mentioned my travels, and the blog, got to know them too a bit and then the hostess called us all in. For more interesting conversations I needed to find common ground, or talk more about her obviously. ” (I put my actual name in the application rather than the nickname I always go by, in case the speed-date organisers asked to see my ID).

Onward, and in the second date I started with a merry “So…

[read her name tag] – Why did you decide to go on a speed-date today then?

In later mini-dates, I just started mid-conversation and skipped the boring “Hello, my name is Brendan” intro.

This is a terrible way to make progress to be able to discuss many different topics required to be fluent in a language.

While I continue to meet people that I Speed dating is a relatively new concept, apparently started by Jewish communities in the late 90s to help shy people pair-off.

” Such strange first openers perhaps weren't helping my Ja-quota, but I had nothing to lose!

She told me about how hard it is meeting a man in Amsterdam, and I said that it's hard meeting people in general in this country, told her about my own difficulties in doing so and said I was seriously thinking of befriending all the canal ducks in the city instead.

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She got a great laugh out of that and asked me the same question.

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