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"You would almost believe he is himself a god, but the Koran says explicitly that Muhammad is a human being; he is a supreme human being, though, the most perfect human being." And Muhammad, a seventh century man, has become an example for all Muslim men, she told the Dutch publication Trouw.There are thousands of , accounts of Muhammad's words and actions, which explain how a seventh century Muslim was supposed to live.Fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran are the enemy, not the Koran itself.But author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali sees Islam as antithetical to liberalism and women's rights.Yet devout twenty-first century Muslims also consult these writings for daily guidance.Things that were acceptable then, like marrying a 6-year-old girl, are clearly not acceptable in 2010.In her book "The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation for Women and Islam," she pinpoints three reasons why the Muslim world lags behind the West and, increasingly, Asia.

These books do not jibe with our modern interpretations of women, yet mainstream Christianity and Judaism have evolved over the years.If that happens to be a burqa, France has "no right" to ban it, she says.Cole grew up Muslim in Afghanistan but fled to the United States shortly after the Soviet invasion in 1979.Under the Taliban, "the country went like 500 years backward," she tells Big Think."There are pictures I have seen of my mom and her friends wearing high boots, miniskirts, dancing, going to work with beautiful suits, above the knee skirts, high heels," she recalls.

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