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It's pretty embarrassing." He enters high school at the Jesuit-run Creighton Preparatory School, and forms Commander Venus with Tim Kasher (whose other band, Slowdown Virginia, will soon become Cursive) and Matt Bowen (who later joins the Faint). 1995 Lumberjack releases the debut from Commander Venus, . start recording bands in his parent's basement in North Platte, NE. Producing eventually takes precedence over Lumberjack for Mogis, who will later hand over management reins to Nansel.With Oberst still in high school though, their window for touring is limited to summer breaks. Oberst and Clark Baechle form post-hardcore band Norman Bailer with Baechle's brother Todd Fink and Joel Petersen. Oberst leaves soon after, but the rest of the members continue on. Emo wunderkind, folk troubadour, rock'n'roll saviour — he's been called it all.Yet for someone who's released an album a year with more than half-a-dozen projects since he was 14, the 35-year old musician has maintained more continuity in his career than most people would expect.The label quickly becomes the anchor for a collective of local friends and musicians, including Tim Kasher, Robb Nansel and Ted Stevens. "There were a bunch of other bands in Omaha that were playing," Nansel tells , "I basically just jumped right in and started doing it all the time.And yet the whole process is documented, for the past ten years.During this period, Commander Venus also release a four-way split seven-inch with Lux-O-Values, Norman Bailer and Weld.

His two older brothers, Justin and Matthew Jr., introduce him to '80s indie and alternative bands like the Cure, R. and starts hanging around the local indie record shop, Antiquarium Records.He makes his live debut playing the final song of a folk night at Kilgores performance space.The event is organized by Ted Stevens of Lullaby for the Working Class."There were always kids putting on shows, but it was pretty contained within the city.Not many bands broke out and started touring," he says.

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"The songs, essentially, are just pretty simple folk songs," he told magazine in 2005.

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