Consolidating vendor list in sap

This incredible simplification and optimization of the data layer is the “killer feature” of SAP HANA because it removes multiple layers of technology and significant human effort to get incredible speed.

It also has the benefit of reducing the overall TCO of the entire solution.

This option cannot be changed after it has been selected. The percentage in the detailed information for a row in the sales document can be modified.

Business Planning and Consolidation SAP One most important decisions ll ever make relocate business article explore 6 distinct examples ai intelligence applications, including dashboards, sales enablement, predicti.

When this set of needs or any subset thereof have to be addressed (in any combination), SAP HANA is in its elements..

When transactional DBMS products are used for analytical workloads, they require you to separate your workloads into different databases (OLAP and OLTP).

Last week I delivered a keynote for HR Technology Week which I hope many of you attended and/or for which you have access to the replay.They may extend the technological lifespan of the acquired products, perhaps by providing some mobile and/or social capabilities.If they’re a serial acquirer within the HRM domain, they may provide a middleware layer and common user experience to connect a range of otherwise quite separate products.You have to extract data from your transactional system (ERP), transform that data for reporting, and load it into a reporting database (BW).The reporting database still requires significant effort in creating and maintaining tuning structures such as aggregates and indexes to provide even moderate performance.

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