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Mc Luhan illustrated this point with the invention of the light bulb.

A light bulb does not possess or deliver content in the way of a newspaper article or television program. The space created by the light bulb offers new possibilities; for instance, it enables people to work in what otherwise would be complete darkness.

Se realizó una validación cruzada empleando AFE y AFC, así como un análisis multigrupo para comparar la equivalencia de la medida por sexo.

This examination reveals that the media characteristics of the Internet facilitate easier manipulation of information and increase the incidence of misinformation.

Los análisis indicaron diferencias significativas en la dimensión ambigua, siendo más frecuente en ellos.

Los datos revelaron una prevalencia entre el 17 y 26%, siendo menor la implicación en la forma personal.

The paper ends with practical implications for cyberdaters and their relational development.

The Internet as a Unique Medium for Dating Based on the fundamental premise of Mc Luhan's (1964) postulate that "the medium is the message", this section discusses the media characteristics of the Internet.

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