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Constantly redrew it over and over, changed poses around, adding, then deleting characters, I'm just glad it's done. but I've already done her twice..." Then I thinks, "Hey, sequences are always fun! So all the people she shoves up her ass goes straight to her cheeks? It's been ~3 long years since I uploaded the first page to Dark Nights and here we have the FINAL Page to this series.

Once again, sorry for the sketchy lines and shitty coloring, I was wanting to get this done and I didn't want to spend too much time coloring... I'm slowly learning how to pick out colors from a coloring wheel but I need to do better :/ Maybe watch more coloring...[ Continued ... Ah well :/ It's up here and that's all that matters. And to give credit where credit is due, here is where I got the pose from. I needed an anal vore character, cuz no harem collection is complete w/o one, but I wanted to be different. ] This is Page 41 of a commission for trh7323 Well guys, this is it.

Forgot to upload this here, drew this back in May ^^; Been wanting to do fanart for a lot of artists and Eye Candy's "Puppy" OC was at the top of my list. Nah XD So it's been a long time since I posted something : P I even missed Vore Day :( ... The tail sticking out is especially tantilizing and just so nonsensical but so appealing to this crowd on this website. well, whoever you’re sleeping with : P My first Tumblr post! And to sum up my Vore Day contribution, my Jade : D She does it all folks, and she loves doing it all to folks. I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this. " Every time I hear Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed", I keep saying "Michelle" instead of "my shell" lol : D Aight so you guys are prolly all thinking "Man... But in my head where I think "that would be so awesome." Yes.

] I love that you incorporate the voluptuous, beautiful Latinas into your art, in which you convey their glorious curvature. That art itself is splendid, and I love checking out your gallery. On the bright side, I think I nailed drawing those breasts : D Pretty much stole that bikini top idea from Matsu-Sensei on DA....[ Continued ... And I have to say you nailed that disproportionately large fish cock and balls. On with the story C’mon parents, we all know your kid sometimes walks in on you having “fun” with... How much can I gett done in 5 min" So this came out! If I feel strong attraction for Dakota, I don't mind being eaten by him, ask out for a date, or get to gobble Dakota(if that case of him being a cute prey). Obviously, if it were real, I would have to think long and hard about it, and probably no.

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Walking around in a creek bed and there’s a little minnow that puts a bull to shame? But this entered my mind, and I just couldn't help myself. Evil smirk* Yea that was terrible lol I redrew this thing 3 times. Looking at this page, NOW I see what I should have done :/ I'm kicking myself a bit for just putting something there and posting, ah well. She'll find them later, she always does :3 Feels like coming up with that stupid pick-up line took more time than the drawing... Had too mcuh "fun" with a an old freinf mine : D And I decided "Hey! It would be a collaborative effort to create the perfect piece of art. And since Norah is the old "rookie", she had to be included...[ Continued ... I like the idea from Apostolos for him being as pred, from boy to fem-boy to a sexy herm; even if he gobbles up some girls to grow some tits at least.

Yup, it should have looked a lot more like this XD So in the original script, the girl turns into this! Coming up with the idea of how to transform her and what this hybrid would look like was hella fun! Of course shading the internal shot was complicated, but I finally got the hang of it so it wasn't too bad This is page 35 of a commission trh7323 I'll be honest, I'm surprised I pulled off that last panel.

Did my best to textualize a Russian accent, and I'm sure I failed. Had a hard time getting her body proportions right. Torso may be a bit too long but I think I didn't do to bad overall ** ONLY ANSWERING QUESTION FROM TUMBLR, from now on. The bunny girl and Bula aren't in the same perspective plane, and I don't think the whole "Pressed again glass" affect I wanted was pulled off too well : P I was too lazy to look up references, so I shouldn't be too disappointed. ] Just want to say that your art has improved a bunch over the years and I appreciate that you always put so much work into your backgrounds. I was wondering if you both would be up to a dual commission? The body was coming out really well when I was drawing it. Simpler because I wanted to but this out in a timely manner (meaning I started it yesterday and pulled an all nighter getting it done) and then move on to the next catch up Holiday. There's something I felt wrong is, why do I felt hard-on for Dakota?

Oh I can def'nitly make room fo you, Honey Bunny" Didn't think I'd ever get around to this : D I don't like how the big right panel came out. Need to go back to risque, messy, orgasm pron type stuff. To start things off, I drew up a simpler Harem Halloween picture. I don't mind of herms, like to see them on action for them having a good time with herms or girls.

OR maybe it was a bunch of sequel pics my commissioner and I talked about when this story was still fresh.

I just need a brief little summary on how they would interact with such a creature. ] Interestingly enough, I think one of the very first drafts of the story had the souls become lil succubus...

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