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The date where you get invited to his house to watch a movie and you feel like you're 18 again. Let's put the phones down, put the beers down (for a bit), forget about awkward conversation and let's DO something.

The date when he doesn't know what to say so he starts talking about how upset he was when his ex-girlfriend got married. My boyfriend asked me the other day when I knew I really wanted to be with him, and it was definitely on our third date when we went kayaking together.

While you might not get a gold medal for your efforts, our results show that your online dating profile could get quite a boost!

A new dating app is on the market that takes the awkward out of awkward-first-date.

e Harmony Olympians were found to be more conscientious, emotionally stable, and valued intellect significantly higher than the Non-Olympians.

While this finding is quite obvious, our results replicated what other researchers had found as well.

The Olympics might be on hiatus until 2020, but seeing the best athletes from all over the world con compete inspired our team of researchers to look at the impact that sports has on attractiveness in the dating arena.

We sampled 40,000 e Harmony users who live in Australia and had signed up for e Harmony within the past 2 years.

No one ever said (hopefully, at least...) "She's awesome, she drinks SO much I really want to be with her." It's time we start showing our true selves in the dating world.

There is also something that seems more genuine about going on a fun, healthy, active date: you want to be someone's Sunday, not just their Saturday night.

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