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Comparison is the thief of joy, and trying to use your friend as a yardstick for what you “should be” is just a recipe for looking for external validation instead of working on being to be more confident and charming.It may not be “fair” that some folks are naturally gifted but life isn’t fair.That’s between the two of them, and ultimately not your business.What need to do is quit playing amateur Love Detective and trying to figure out whether they are or they aren’t because the answer is going to be the same either way.And believe me, two years of hanging on after a rejection? and that leads us to the next issue: This covert investigation you’re doing is part of how you’re keeping yourself from letting go. That happens, and odds are it’s going to happen again, just like it does to everyone.Your constant reading of the tea leaves is about keeping ahold of her. What you need to do is recognize that this is a sign that the two of you were ultimately not right for one another and you’re now free to find someone who of women in the world and there will be more than you can imagine who are just as awesome – if not moreso – than your crush.This is especially true when you’ve stepped up to the plate and struck out.

Sure, part of the problem is that you’re jealous of your friend – and trust me, been there, done that, built a career out of it – but the you.I’m a high school girl with the unfortunate combination of an entirely non-straight group friends, plus some queer traits of my own, and Southern Baptist parents who would react to that information with disapproval.And then there’s my best friend; a transgender guy with, I’m reasonably sure, a significant other and no knowledge of my being anything other than as straight as the Way from Middle-earth to Valinor.Either they are and you have to deal with the fact that she’s dating someone who’s not you…or they aren’t but you’re At the core, the issue the issue here isn’t whether or not your best friend is hooking up with her but the fact that you aren’t letting yourself get over her.

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