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If you don’t think you have all the qualifications, don’t mention it.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to get to work, arrange child care, want to take vacation time already, or the schedule isn’t perfect and you want to work different hours, don’t mention it.

The interviewer isn’t interested in your personal life, your vacation plans, or why you really need to get hired for the job.

He or she wants to know why you’re the best-qualified person for the job.

This isn't the time or place to share your problems or negotiate work arrangements.

The same is true for how you really feel about your current (or last) employer.

In fact, sharing too much could cost you a job offer.

Negativity doesn’t go over well during job interviews.

Companies want to hire positive people, not complainers.

What to Do During Phone Dating Following are some phone dating ideas you can try out! So try calling your date today, keeping in mind the points mentioned above!

Some of you might have a bad habit to text your date often! Texting can make your date feel that you lack confidence to speak to them!

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Eye contact and uninterrupted conversation are vital in the first phase of a relationship.

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