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It's so subtle that you don't notice it if you don't listen closely.

It's a good song , but I wouldn't want to hear it more than once or twice a day.

You and I obviously have different tastes, but there are many artists I love that are mainstream - who I feel make brilliant music. Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. I also did not say mainstream music is necessary bad, but all the current ones... So because we like a Lady Gaga song we only listen to the radio? I'm also guessing by your name you are a Flyleaf fan.

I do think the quality of music and the effort put into making it has declined over the years, but there ARE still good bands out there. If hearing songs over and over bothers you that much I have some advice - don't listen to the radio. In case you don't know, Flyleaf is mainstream and are played on the radio.

I've always heard "P-p-p-poker face p-p-f**k her face." There is without a doubt an "uck" sound on that second iteration. And it kinda makes me think the song may be more about Lady Gaga's passion for fellatio. Even if she was talentless, which shes not, by the way (

About the "overplayed" thing you mentioned - I don't really see what you mean. So don't act like you listen to obscure, underground music when you don't.'I wont tell you that I love you Kiss or Hug you.

Cos' I'm bluffing It's my muffin I'm just stunning with my Love Glue gunning!

'I remember seeing in an interview with Lady Ga² that this is from when she was a Go-Go dancer when she had to make the men feel she was really into them even though she was just using them to get they're money. I admit, she is tolerable, but she will never be on the same level as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and many others.

It really is a metaphor for life about how you really can never TRUELY know somebody. Maybe Lady Gaga is better than some artists that have come out recently, (like the chick who sings 'Love Song', ugh! Her voice isn't bad, but I do feel like she is 'manufactured'.

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