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At times, I get upset (mad and frustrated) that I can't do the things that I used to. I'm dealing with a flare-up right now, although my worst day was Tuesday or Wednesday, today I got to sleep in, had breakfast with the parents and my sister... as she's been supportive and understanding for the most part. This disease brings so many additional issues you wouldn't believe. Then there is the physical pain that you experience.That I can't do the simple things that people do everyday! came home, read up more on Crohn's and (SCD, " Breaking the Vicious Cycle"), and then took a LONG nap.... But in other aspects, she just doesn't know what's going on... The embarrassment from having to use the restroom constantly and having "accidents" in public.WE (people who have UC or CD) go through such pain and suffering with this disease that often times our mood changes to reflect what we're going through. As much as you can be all of the qualities I mentioned above, it is still partially up to your boyfriend to be open about his condition (medically this is physically and mentally), and he needs to be open as to what he wants and see in your relationship (where it will go, etc), as well as his emotions and feelings...Depending on his CD, your boyfriend might be going through a lot (from what it sounds like when you say he stays in bed). Joining this group was a great 1st step into showing him (whether he knows it or not) that you care so much for you! I always go to his doctor appointments and keep track of his pills.The fear that someone will abandon you when you are at your lowest point. You have to ask yourself, " Do I love this person enough to support him through all of this?" Im not going to lie to you, when things get bad, I feel completely alone and I become pretty depressed and I cry a lot.We hope that everyone feels free to participate in the discussions that we have by sharing their feelings and opinions.You will be asked to put up a picture of yourself, age, where your live, and a brief statement on what disease(s) you have in order to stay on it.

The financial strain from paying for doctor visits and those new meds (and they get pretty high! The fear of being intimate with someone because you are afraid that you'll have an accident.He knew I was sick when we met, and he is a loving and caring person and has helped me so much..I thank God everyday that he is such a wonderful person, our first date was he came to see me in the hospital..If you know that it is something you cant do, then walk away.Because this man is going to require your full supporttheres nothing worse than being abandoned at a really bad time (like when you are in the middle of a really bad flare-up or in the hospital) by someone that you thought cared about you.

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It can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus, and can also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract.

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