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Because Lorinda is not about, as Courteney says, “layering” on so much sh-t at a time on that “slippery slope”. One day, I’ll probably want much more than laser treatment and peels.

Sometimes I feel like my eyes are sliding down both sides of my face.

And it’s also true about not seeing yourself until you really SEE yourself in the photos.

Because in addition to what Courteney says about it being “gradual”, it’s also the image we have of ourselves in our own minds.

But you go in for some Botox and suddenly you’re getting your nose done and your eyes pulled back and your cheeks injected and your lips filled.

I think photographs do show up worse, so when people in the world see you and write comments that are usually mean, I think, “It can be worse than what it really is.”CC: I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. But, they come up with new stuff all the time—it’s crazy how many new machines are out there.

Generally, such sites break into three groups- top tier pay-to-play dating services (e Harmony, Chemistry, etc), low tier ad supported dating services (Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish), and sex dating services (Fling, Adult Friend Finder).

When deciding on a site, keep in mind that certain sites appeal to various age groups and demographics (and you can actually profit from this).e Harmony and tend to be all-encompassing sites that carry a variety of people.Sites like JDate, that cater specifically to Jewish singles, are wonderful for those looking specifically for that group- but, as you can guess, they have a much more limited range of available singles.Smart users will post pictures of themselves on a trip or something similar- especially if it’s full body.This allows you two things: it shows you actually leave your house (even if you don’t), and it shows your body, for better or for worse.

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Sometimes that doesn’t exactly line up to what’s real. I appreciate that Courteney Cox isn’t here telling us about sleep and water and kale smoothies.

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