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He also had the dagger his mother had given him in 1944 to kill himself with if he was ever captured. He was much troubled by what he saw as the withering of traditional Japanese values.He left for Brazil a year later on April 25, 1975, to raise cattle, an interest he acquired when he was listening to Australian cattle shows on his stolen transistor radio during his years in the jungle.In 1984, Onoda once again went back to Japan to establish an educational camp for the young, after reading about a Japanese teenager who had murdered his parents in 1980.On March 9th, 1974, Major Taniguchi was flown to Lubang Island where, after 29 years of abandonment, personally ordered Onoda to stand down.LUBANG, PHILIPPINES – MARCH 10: (CHINA OUT, SOUTH KOREA OUT) Former Japanese Imperial Army intelligent officer Hiroo Onoda attends a press conference on March 10, 1974, in Lubang, Philippines.

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When the Japanese surrendered during WWII, one unknowing soldier spent 29 years staying true to that honor in the jungles of Lubang Island, Philippines where he was despatched to. His orders from his superiors were clear: Lubang Island was taken by the Allies a few months after Onoda’s deployment, and most of the Japanese guerrillas there were either captured or killed.

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