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This section describes how incomplete and illegible applications are screened out of the current application period for any single major deficiency or for multiple minor deficiencies.

It explains the program’s selection criteria which is applied to each successive review batch of complete applications, and how it is applied during the review process to rank order applicants to enter the final phase of the application process.

Applicants must check the current MSLRP Opportunity Update, for postmark dates included in each new application period and how they will be assigned to review batches.

Applications will be reviewed only until there are a sufficient number to obligate program funds. This may occur at any time during the application period.

To be considered a top priority, graduating students and obstetric service providers not yet working in this area must enter into employment agreements to begin work no later than October 1, following the current application period.

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the care of women during pregnancy and during and following childbirth.

Screening Process for Incomplete and Illegible Applications: Applications will be automatically screened out of the current application period for any single major deficiency or for multiple minor deficiencies.

Applicants receive preference in the selection process for prompt submission of complete applications, priority provider type status, and for working at priority practice sites.

Finally, randomly-generated lottery numbers assigned to each application are taken into account.

Review Process: Applying the Selection Criteria: The selection criteria is applied to applications assigned to the first postmark review batch, to determine and group priority and top priority applicants, and to identify non-priority applicants who will be assigned to the final review batch.

Top priority and priority applicants are then rank-ordered by their lottery numbers starting with the lowest to highest number, making the top priority applicant with the lowest lottery number the first, and the priority applicant with the highest number the last to enter the final phase process.

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