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For heterogeneous canopies, such as vineyards and orchards, the SW approach has been able to estimate ET with errors ranging between 6% and 25%.

In a furrow-irrigated vineyard (fc = 0.35), Zhang et al.

Under this scenario, sophisticated irrigation water management will be required to maintain sufficient levels of productivity and quality [1,2].

For these objectives, it is necessary to have an accurate estimation of daily actual evapotranspiration (ET) that is generally computed as a function of reference evapotranspiration ( by separating Kc into basal crop coefficient (Kcb) and soil evaporation coefficient (Ke) [3,4,5].

[28] using Landsat 7 images observed that the METRIC model estimated with an error of 11% and 5% of measured values, respectively.

However, the estimation of ET from the METRIC model requires the selection of the two “anchor” pixels, which is subjective and depends on the ability of the operator in search and isolate of the most appropriate hot and cold pixels [29,30,31].

Provides visible and tactile feedback as to position of the safety. The 60 degree bolt lift provided by the 3-lug bolt design gives the shooter maximum clearance between the bolt handle and a mounted scope - for fast cycling.

This results in accuracy from shot to shot, greater bullet stability over multiple shots, and ultimately, a rifle that’s easier to clean thoroughly.

Centro de Investigación y Transferencia en Riego y Agroclimatología (CITRA) and Research Program on Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change (A2C2), Universidad de Talca, Casilla 747, Talca 3460000, Chile A study was carried out to evaluate the potential use of the two-source Shuttleworth and Wallace (SW) model to compute the intra-orchard spatial variability of actual evapotranspiration (ET) of olive trees using satellite images and ground-based climate data.

The study was conducted in a drip-irrigated olive orchard using satellite images (Landsat 7 ETM ), which were acquired on clear sky days during the main phenological stages (2009/10 growing season).

To include the effect of intra-field spatial variability into the SW model, the instantaneous values of net radiation ( was estimated with an error of 3% of measured values when using thermal and multispectral images from the Landsat platform.

In a drip-irrigated vineyard, Carrasco-Benavides et al.

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The performance of the SW model was evaluated using instantaneous latent heat flux (LE) measurements that were obtained from an eddy correlation system.

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