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Rio Tinto approved the development of a fourth diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe, known as A21, at its Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada.

The mine, 220km south of the Arctic Circle and on the bed of a vast northern lake, Lac de Gras, demanded engineering on the grandest of scales, including construction of rockfill dikes to hold back the lake waters. Oyu Tolgoi began shipping copper concentrate to customers, mostly in nearby China, from ore produced in the open pit mine in Mongolia’s southern Gobi desert.

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And development work progressed at the Amrun bauxite project in Queensland.

Oyu Tolgoi is jointly owned by the Government of Mongolia, which holds 34 per cent, and Turquoise Hill Resources (51 per cent owned by Rio Tinto) with 66 per cent.

Rio Tinto has been manager of the project since 2010.

After almost 150 years of pioneering exploration, expansion, diversification and innovation, Rio Tinto stands today as one of the world’s largest producers of a range of essential materials, and a major force driving human progress.

To learn more about our history, explore the timeline below.

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  3. Comparing these counts with a series of 651 radiocarbon-dated samples spanning this record, they obtained a calibration curve that is very close to the 2009 calibration shown above [Callaway2012]. It should be emphasized that the actual calibrated dates are about 10%-20% older than the raw uncorrected radiocarbon dates that were once used.