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We split up a long time ago and are no longer friends, neither have we been in touch. She jokes “That sound's good, let me suggest that to the company”. Natalie Tong doesn't mind being called Mrs Chui Wednesday December 24, 2008 Hong Kong Source: Translated by: Matchbox @ If you repost this article you must repost the Whole article and no editing. Rumored couple Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong appeared in "Super Trio Supreme" as guests.

He hurt me in the past, so even if I see him, I don't want to speak to him." Asked about the reason for their split, Carrie said: "He has numerous third parties and I was very upset by this for a long time. amigo is a great host, i dont see him much anymore though... Eric Tsang teased them about their rumors and as well as calling her Mrs Chui, he also said they had the "husband-wife" look which made them very awkward.

apat hanggang walong oras yata na pulos kampit at matatalas na kasangkapan ang gagap sa kamay…

nagtitilad, nagtatadtad sa kanyang puwesto sa palengke… Samantala, matagal din yatang nagkasama ang aking panganay at ang kanyang kinakapatid sa pagtungkab ng pako sa mga antigong haligi, sa pagsalang sa mga gawaing kamay sa pag-aanluwage’t pagsisinop ng kahoy…

(That, and I was 18.)Graduated college in 2008 at 190 pounds. I came home from work to a great (but suspiciously healthy looking) dinner waiting for me on the table."We need to talk..."DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN... I began spotting for her when SHE lifted, and while her near-max was my near-min, I still "got in a few reps" while she rested from hers.

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Even though I gained 20 pounds, a lot of it was bulk from weight lifting at the campus gym. She then went on to explain that SHE was going to try to get in better shape in order to become a Cross Fit competitive athlete, and that she REALLY needed the help of her smart, supportive, handsome, charming, and-did-she-mention-smart? And so, because I was supportive I began helping her.

It began with holding the focus pads for her when she boxed, or jogging with her at the END of her runs to "encourage" her the last quarter mile.

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