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With a both comprehensive and scrupulously documented submission BIC Graphic Europe has won this category.Based on a strictly structured quality management system BIC has also created the foundation for outstanding performances in environmental and social management - as documented by their exemplary reporting.

Manufactured from GMO-free maize flour (aka cornstarch), lightweight, tear-resistant, reusable.

The winner here is the BSCI member HALFAR with a documented sustainability network that also includes the integration company “prosigno” headquartered at the Halfar building.

“The involved shareholders and stakeholders act in a spirit of inclusion, integration and family friendliness – also vividly illustrated in the latest CSR Report.” “Halfar goes Oxygen” – Even the first cut of the spade for the new building back in 1999 formed part of a sustainability strategy.

” (I’ll stick to you) for the waste-avoiding coffee-to-go “TRAVEL MUG“.

“A clear and simple message with a good storyline which is also received well by means of a plausible channel mix.

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  1. Updating the Error Report You can rerun/update the Sanity Check in one of the following ways: The following procedure describes how to install the integrated Autodesk 3ds Max submission script.