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At this age, he has already been a very successful science communicator and a great filmmaker. Muller was born in a place called Traralgon which lies in Australia. His intelligence and imagination will make him an even bigger celebrity in future but he needs to remain focused to be more successful.

Muller will surely get more offers in the near future and he needs to his manage time well to do well in all of his projects. His thesis was called Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education and it was spot on. He is one of the key members of Australian TV program called Catalyst.

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He is probably not married but since he is so much busy in his you tube channel may be he is just busy in building his career rather than building relationship with anyone.

If he is not married but he might be having an affair or dating a girlfriend.

As nothing is clear on his personal issues, his private life needs to be brought to light.

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You can enjoy the questline from May 24th to May 29th. Read more The update to 1.126 will take place on Monday May 14th.

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to science experiments, dramatisations, songs, and—a hallmark of the channel—interviews with the public to uncover misconceptions about science.

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