Difference between dating and being in a relationship

What starts as acquaintance slowly turns into friendship without one deliberately thinking about the relationship.

If we think along the lines of a continuum, acquaintance is at the left extreme followed by friendship while relationship lies at the far right of the continuum.

Relationship can be introduced as the result of dating.

A relationship grows between two people when they are constantly communicating.

It is when they spend time together and start to get to know each other that commitment begins to grow.

Since there is no commitment or a relationship between the couple, there are fewer expectations from each other.

There are casual relationships, but there are also strong relationships based upon love and trust between a man and a woman.

Let us find out if there are any differences between friendship and relationship in this article.

Friendship is a result of a feeling of affection that one feels for another person.Friendship is a bond that has been there since time immemorial and one can feel its effect from very early ages when toddlers make friends depending upon their nature and likings.Friendship starts with a liking for another person which may be because of look and appearance.Although dating someone can lead to a relationship with that person, dating is not the same as being in a relationship.Relationship is basically a bond or connection between two people.

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Dating, on the other hand, is the initial stage of a relationship where the two people are still getting together.

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