Disablty dating

Lately, I feel like the dating world has become a cesspool of people looking for their “perfect” partner and only focusing on looks.

Adding in the fact that a person has any kind of disability, people tend to make a long list of assumptions.

If the world views you as different please join us. **NO SHOW POLICY**The organizers spend many hours of their time researching, organizing, and hosting events.

Some romanticize certain disabilities, while others - too few, but more every day - see the person first.

I’ve heard a few ranging from daily activities and my ability to be intimate, if you know what I mean.

Not only are those taboos a bit too personal, they are also extremely outdated stereotypes.

We aren’t all going around looking for nurses; we want an actual partner, someone to love.

Intimacy is possible, even if it requires some adaptation.

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Things like: nice body, great smile, a good listener, and funny tend to pop up first.

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