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When I edit something in PAW the change doesn't appear in Dropbox, and vice versa. The trouble seemed to start after I did a @krpete: Welcome to PA. I personally don't do any syncing with Dropbox, so I can't confirm your findings, but I'm sure others will respond soon. krpete, I know Dropbox has been messing with their API, and this may be the issue.If it is, then the PA guys will be moving heaven and earth to get syncing back up and running (I am currently in the prcoess of falling out of love with Dropbox.As rcs1000 says, they (Dropbox) have been messing around with their API recently and it might have been something to do with [email protected]: Have the problems resolved themselves yet?I guess if sharing via URL is lighter on system resources, you could feasibly just allow an arbitrary URL to be specified instead of just a Dropbox one - that might even be a useful additional feature for paid accounts as well.As long as the disk quotas are enforced I can't really see any opportunities for abuse, although I can imagine you may wish to impose the same whitelist on free accounts as existing HTTP access (although given that you're doing the fetching and can arrange that only requests are performed, and quite possibly rate-limit them, then perhaps the need for whitelisting is somewhat diminished). As long as you allow requests to Github it's not like free accounts don't have an easy way to get files on to the system whatever else is available.For a brief minute it looked as if it was actually working.I checked my Dropbox folder and all the files where there.

Running the dropbox client on Python Anywhere would be a bad idea.This was during the time where you had the old backup mapped..... Right now there are 62 users affected, but it looks like there's some movement -- some of the people who were affected are not, but more others have become [email protected] -- you're still on the list unfortunately. Hi guys, looks like yesterday's deploy hasn't fixed the problem.Drop ma an email at [email protected] we can do more detailed troubleshooting in relative privacy. We have a number of users whose folders are just not syncing.We've spent the whole day trying various things to get them to work and to try to work out what the problem may be.

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If we supported the second type for free users, you'd send us a URL (or maybe paste it into something on our site, or...) and we'd then suck down the contents of the folder and put them in a sensibly-named place in your sandbox. You mean the "share link" option on the Dropbox web UI? From a brief perusal of the Dropbox documentation, it doesn't sound like it's a one-shot thing - I just tried sharing a link and then updating the source folder and the version via the link updated as well.

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