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I had a serious crush after just a couple of hours with Donnie!

We had dinner 10 days later, along with our first kiss in the pouring rain.

We are huge fans of and all of our friends tell us that we have the perfect online dating story.

We want to share our story with the world and inspire people to keep looking for their true loves.

By Thanksgiving we had told each other that we were in love.

We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day with each other and were engaged on my 33rd birthday in March.

Donnie was holding my daughter and had her give me the ring.

She handed me the box and he got on one knee in front my family and closest friends and asked me to be his wife. Turns out we have lots of friends in common and have been at several social events at the same time, but never met.

It has been quite a journey for the both of us both literally and figuratively.

Cherelle signed for Duo Dating mostly for fun back in 2006. “He was standing near one of my favorite architecture books.

“A friend of mine was on it, and it was free, so I figured why not? There were all these things he wouldn’t do, like eat after 8 p.m., and after our first date he sent all these weird emails. And we went out to eat at my favorite Japanese restaurant,” says Cherelle.

Meeting someone online and having a long distance relationship? We got married in Iloilo, Philippines on May 10, 2008 and are now living together in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Neither of us was looking for a serious relationship.

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Considering that Miss Daisy was the very first person I messaged it is amazing to think that we have come so far and as each day passes our love grows stronger for each other.

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