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“But they have a connection and they can relate to it. Her and her sister Bria, they may be doing something together, which I hope. I always tell them: find something that you love to do, that way it won’t be hard for you. All I can do is just give ’em that advice when they want it. Will there be any spinoffs, and will we see high profile ex-wives in Miami or New York? I’ve had women say, ‘Oh my God, you guys helped me so much! I’ve had women talk about how they wish they could come kick it with us.” The cast of women on the show—it airs every Monday nights at 10 p.m. And then my son, he’s in college as well and he’s also a writer and he likes doing the behind-the-scenes stuff; writing scripts and stuff like that. EBONY: Now that you’re on a reality show, are you seeing a boost to your modeling career? NM: I’ve heard talk about that and I really don’t know. But it might be quite interesting to see something like that. It’s like a sisterhood that we have, and it’s a great support system all in one. It’s gonna come across and I don’t think people are gonna be interested.

"They are both moving on and they are trying to be respectful of each other," source says.There are no big surprises between them."The insider also explains to E!News that Strahan's gig as a morning talk show co-host in New York City, while Murphy was based in Los Angeles, added some obstacles in their relationship.Former fashion model Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife who helped to conceptualize But when their marriage ended, she made bad investments, lost much of her settlement and had the access to the glitterati all but wiped away.Now there’s no everyday people tearful story here, mind you. Is it the absence of fistfights and wine bottle tossing? But there was a bit of drama on the inaugural season of , and early previews suggest that’ll be amped up a bit more.

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And it looks like the two stars are doing all right post-split. News that Murphy has been relaxing and showing off her killer bikini bod at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas.

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