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It should say something like, connecting to repository "name goes here"See if it does that ok, cause I'm guessing this is where the problem lies. If I change a policy, it updates virus scan fine when a wake up is sent.

To determine the e PO version number when you are logged on to e PO: e PO 5.x: The version number is shown on the left pane of the Menu screen.

If I send out a manual super agent wakeup, the computers that I already have in my site list won't update there DAT. I'm sure there is just some setting wrong, but I can't figure it out. Thanks BRENT In "Settings", where you enable Global Updating, there's some tick boxes under the heading: Signatures and Engines, you'll have to check the DAT and SDAT boxes in there. If these are already ticked then let me know Paul sorry, just read it again, you say it doesn't work with a wakeup call.

if you view the activity via a web browser or by opening the agent on the client what does it say when you do the wakup call? I have just installed epo 3.6.0 patch 1 and my virusscan has patch 11.

1 Your Mc Afee e PO server connects to the Mc Afee update server to pull down the latest security content.

2 The e Policy Orchestrator database stores all the data about the managed systems on your network,including: 4 Agent-server secure communication (ASSC) occurs at regular intervals between your systems and server.

when I first add a machine and send a super agent wakeup call, everything works fine and the virus scan on the new machine is updated.

But once the new DAT is pulled into the repository, global updating doesn't update the machines already in my site list.

what about when you right click the V Shield or the epo agent shield in the systrem tray and click update? If I tell it to show the agent in the system tray when I run a agent wake up, the icon will appear in the tray. happens if you remove the Super Agent from the equation so the client looks directly at the epo Server? Is the latest patch for the CMA agent applied, I think it's patch 5?

Until you create additional policies, all computers are assigned the Mc Afee Default policy.

The Mc Afee Default policy is configured with settings recommended by Mc Afee to protect many environments and ensure that all computers can access important websites and applications until you have a chance to create a customized policy.

To facilitate this call to the server, a Mc Afee Agent is deployed to each system in your network.

Once an agent is deployed to a system, the system can be managed by your Mc Afee e PO server.

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