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Tubersol and Aplisol multi-dose vials are good for 30 days after opening and will be dated upon opening.

All multi-dose vials will be discarded if there is any suspicion of improper storage or handling, or if there is obvious deterioration or contamination.

Whenever possible, single dose vials of medication will be used as stock in the SHS clinic.

Request the smallest vials that meet individual patient needs. Consult with pharmacists and others to learn whether pre-filled syringes or other "ready to deliver" unit-dose packaging is available.

Do you arrange infection control training for your healthcare personnel?

Following basic safe injection procedures is not something to take for granted — there is too much at stake.

There has been much more attention recently on multidose vials, particularly the expiration date of these vials, especially from regulatory organizations such as CMS and The Joint Commission. Dolan, RN, MS, CIC, from the Department of Epidemiology at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO, and lead author of “APIC position paper: Safe injection, infusion, and medication vial practices in health care.” This Q&A accompanies an article published in the September issue of Briefings on Infection Control.

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Are you purchasing the safest available medication?

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