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URL: Bragging Rights: become an irresistible gentleman Turning yourself into someone the ladies can’t resist is the goal behind this fun and unapologetic site, which also focuses on the realities of dating and the changing face of flirting.

Learning to become confident in your own skin and remaining in control is key.

Our 10 Best Flirting Blogs were selected for their wit, honesty and understanding of the game.

Bragging Rights: attract the guy, keep the guy Matthew Hussey is a bit of a life coach to the stars, with rave recommendations from everyone from Ryan Seacrest to Eva Longoria.

Appreciated on both sides of the ocean, this UK-based dating guru has helped countless couples find love and better understand the heart, where being able to flirt comes in handy.

Social Clout: 247 followers URL: Bragging Rights: studying every play in the book From the author of “Getting Inside a Woman,” Liz is a veteran life and dating coach who encourages flirting not just among singles, but also to keep the passion alive for married couples.

It’s an art form she enthusiastically embraces in Friday Funny and topics like “Do Women Have an Advantage in Dating?

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Tips and advice cover a large spectrum of social scenarios.

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