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I want them to be proper sluts just like their mother.I can't stop jerking my cock to the photos i've managed to collect from them both so far.After about an hour I was exhausted and we all sat and had a little drink.I discovered I loved being naked Our next day off we all went out together to a secluded beach, we had wine and a picnic and it wasn't the warmest so we had the place to ourselves.

She loved the attention and one guy (Tom) was really nice he was 21 and I could see he really liked Tina.

I am Lisa and im 63 years old, I have been coming here for about a year and love reading peoples confessions and feel it is about time I write my own.

It all happened way back in 1973 and I will try and write it down as best as I can remember it.

Tina was tall blonde and had the biggest boobs I had ever seen, Karen was Tiny only 5 foot tall and like me had red hair.

Both girls very very friendly and they had made me a bed up in the living room of the cabin.

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