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It is no different from a sale in a traditional department store.But what really matters to consumers, as these results reveal, is the ongoing value proposition.The purpose of a sign-on bonus is to encourage people to act.Most people do not wake up in the morning wanting to open a credit card — and a sign-on bonus is a way for a credit card company to encourage people to reconsider their options.At the same time, some of Amazon’s brick-and-mortar competitors are struggling to keep up.Although Costco Wholesale has about 91.5 million cardholders as of November 2017 — 1.5 million more than Amazon Prime subscribers — the membership warehouse had only a 90 percent renewal rate in 2017, according to its annual report.With a 2-year-old daughter and a full-time job, life is hectic for Dallas mom and marketing professional Amanda Tavackoli.

As our survey found, there are people who like to go from credit card offer to credit card offer.Farris says in addition to Amazon’s convenience factor, its free two-day shipping has helped the company dominate the playing field.“Everybody in the world is trying to figure out how to handle free shipping,” he said.“Amazon has the (sales) volumes to make that work in a way that is much more difficult for other operations to generate.”And Farris says Amazon’s ability to transcend local supply shortages has also made it and other e-commerce options more popular in comparison with traditional wholesale clubs.In recent years, Sam’s Club has also experienced low membership renewals.At the beginning of 2016, the renewal rate for its Plus members was only about 35 percent, from 2015 to 2016.

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