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Or will that minimize my chances of finding a job with that temp agency in the future? There’s a strong likelihood that it was bait to sign you up with their agency, because this is how many, many staffing agencies work. It could be a real job, and they are indeed close to hiring someone for it, as the recruiter told you — but most places keep their job ads active until they’ve made an offer and had it accepted …

They post boilerplate ads for jobs that don’t really exist (although they’d probably tell you that they have many jobs to it that they fill all the time) in order to build a database of candidates who they can call on in the future. because offers sometimes fall through: candidates turn them down, they can’t come to terms over salary, etc.

Should I email the recruiter who interviewed me and tell her I’m concerned?

Putin understands full well—since he didn’t grow up as a Christian (he makes no secret of this) and like millions of others has returned to his Orthodox roots—that Russia’s future well-being hinges on how the current and next generation is brought up, that good Orthodox Christians can only Monarchy - the ideal form of government, with the understanding that the monarch would be an Orthodox Christian who’d rule the country in conjunction with the Church’s teachings and act as a defender of the faith, both domestically and globally.

This, for the most part, is the historical reality of Russia.

I applied for a job on Craigslist online three weeks ago.

I was called to come in for an interview and learned it had been posted by a temp agency.

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I personally believe Putin’s faith is sincere, and let’s mention that just this past Christmas he attended the church where his father was baptized.

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