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If you do notice an unauthorized charge on your credit card or funds missing from your bank account, call the card issuer to report the unauthorized charges.

If you login to your account online or use the mobile app, you can report the theft those ways, too.

Under some circumstances, you can be held liable for .

If your number is stolen, but not the card, your liability is zero.

Other times, thieves install the devices in card readers at gas pumps or ATM machines.

Skimming is much more difficult to pull off on EMV cards (“chip cards”).

If your card has an embedded computer chip, that means a unique authorization code is generated for each transaction. If you haven’t received a chip card to replace your old magnetic stripe card yet, call your bank to find out when you will. Log in at least once a week to review your bank and credit card accounts.

The sooner you notice suspicious activity, the sooner you can resolve it.

Cyber crime is an ever-growing problem with no real solution in sight.

If you report a lost or stolen card before it’s used by anyone else, your liability is zero.

Virtually all major financial institutions have precautionary measures put in place to catch unauthorized charges the moment they happen.

Some issuers offer emergency card replacement, but you may have to pay a fee if you need expedited delivery.

Otherwise, your new card should arrive within 7-10 days.

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Always check your accounts regularly for signs of unauthorized use.

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