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At H4M, it’s our goal to help gay and lesbian professionals find fulfilling, long-term relationships through private, offline matchmaking.

No matter where you live, we can introduce you to like-minded singles who share your interests, standards, and lifestyle.

I sat at a Starbucks near the Galleria with a friendly, fit black man (I’m white) who was recently divorced and lived in The Colony, which sounded to me like some eerie sci-fi TV drama. But he didn’t contact me again, and I never knew why. I was a real adult, a grown-ass woman, and he was in that shaky place where you have just emerged from the long tunnel of commitment with wobbly legs and blinking eyes, and you need to go bang 25-year-olds for a while.

The place had a low-lit carnival feel, skuzzy and seductive at once. I don’t drink anymore, but I still like sitting in the cool stupor of a bar and watching the night rise up like a tide. And that was nice, because I could still bum myself out thinking of all the ways I didn’t belong in this city.

They were walking with God and loving the Cowboys and reading . I had met one extravagant phony in that time, but he was such a good story that I didn’t mind. I might not find love, but, hey, maybe I’d get to know Dallas better.

They’ll make someone a good boyfriend one day, just not me. And for all my groaning about the city’s men, the guys I met were not the same old stereotype.

Therapist is very active and involved, but feedback from group members is also involved.

This group is very welcoming ...""This is a "general issues" group, meaning everything is addressed from relationships, careers, social/emotional issues, communication/relating styles, anxiety/depression, grief, health etc.

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If you're dealing with intimacy issues, find it hard to make lasting relationships, or struggle to feel accepted as a gay man, this group ...""Clients will learn how to manage internalized homophobia, explore toxic shame, and build solid, lasting relationships.

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