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I just recently bought a P.38 pistol that I was hoping to get some guidance on, as I am fairly new to the P.38 scene.

It is marked "cyq," which I have easily determined to be of Spreewerk origin from some basic research on the internet.

At every 10,000 guns the number series was started over again at 1, with a letter suffix added, progressing through the alphabet until the next year. Mauser P-08 began production at serial# 1 with the K date in 1934, and simply progressed through the number-suffix irrespective of year.

Mauser cycled through the complete alphabet three times, ending in the n suffix block in 1942.

And, a true lady who expects her man to treat her with respect, should also show her man respect as well.

David, Imperial Military Lugers of WWI were numbered from 1 at the beginning of each year.

If anyone can help me date this, it is 415 followed by the "t" suffix. The grips are fairly dark brown with six interrupted lines around the grip screw.

It is my understanding that this might signify the grips were manufactured by Walther.

Does anyone know where I could find this reference? When I dated, the guys would usually always pick up the tab. I do know, however, that I started to go "Dutch treat" after some of these paying gentlemen expected me to pay up after dinner. As a woman, I don't expect the man I am dating to pay for everything, but if he offers to take me out to dinner, I think he should pay since he asked. Although I am a strong woman I am also very feminine. " :hehe I guess your right about the 60's movements, it's bringing us (Men and women) down the drain! I don't think there is any difference between courtship and dating. Personally I think the Woman's Movement ruined alot of this for us. Another words if the woman is getting a higher salary then why shouldn't she pay? I've found that older gentleman from the World War 2 era are more apt to open a door for you or be gentlemanly enough not to use profanity around ladies. The way a lady conducts herself almost always predicts how the man will treat her. ) talk about another woman (Starbuck, blond lady, Viper pilot) in front of a man (Baltar) : "Now that she's (Starbuck) never coming back, you'll never know if she's a real blond, will you?We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below.By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies.

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In that year DWM converted to numbering in the military style (four digits followed by a letter), beginning with the letter suffix i.

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