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The two Kyriopaschas don’t coincide, but eventually, they will.Again, from Orthodox Wiki: There has as yet been no single year in which Kyriopascha was celebrated on both the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, though 232 would have been such a year had the two methods of calculation been in use at that time.That is, the rule that Christians are not to go along “with the Jews” in setting the date of Pascha has been confused with the fear that if Passover happens to coincide with an independently determined Pascha, Christians would be wrongfully praying “with the Jews” just because both are praying on the same day. And he also doesn’t seem to remember that Passover is more than one day.It’s not like the Jewish feast is over on the first day.

The last Gregorian Kyriopascha was in 1951, and the next one will be in 2035.So, if Pascha has to follow Passover, it certainly is doing it badly.In 2014, for instance, Pascha was on April 20, while Passover was April 14 (evening) to April 22 (morning).This state of affairs continues to the present day, even though the Jewish calendar suffers from a slight solar drift of its own, because the Julian calendar’s errors accumulate more rapidly than the Jewish calendar’s.The 12th century canonist Joannes Zonaras seems to have been the first to state the principle that Pascha must always follow Jewish Nisan 15, so the principle is called the “Zonaras Proviso” after him.

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