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Molly is raised in the hood and has become a high-powered attorney.As she says to one of her corporate clients: “They want us to be more environmentally responsible, but it’s like, seriously, why do we need trees?In contrast, we had the ‘90s with the Black middle-class fantasy family: the Huxtables. The lie in that world is that racism doesn’t really exist.Any white family should be delighted to have them next door. And the truth of Bill Cosby is that sexual trauma is a huge part of our legacy from slavery—one that is acted out daily in sexual violence in our community.When I saw the premiere at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, I liked it.But it was during the second episode—after I’d had a chance to follow the characters through two storylines—that I completely fell in love.Rae spent three years developing the series, and all that hard work has clearly paid off.The show’s humor is the stuff of real life, and its best jokes require more than a two-second setup and a one-second punchline.

offer an expansive exploration of Black women’s experiences, it also expands mainstream TV narratives about socioeconomic class in the Black community.

In the web series, Issa played J, a single twentysomething working for a diet pill company and navigating the awkwardness of office relationships and dating.

The show went viral, and in 2013, HBO greenlit a series deal for her.

Part of the lure of the Huxtable fantasy is that struggle is optional.

, struggle is inevitable, even for Black characters who have gone to college, who may have been raised middle class, or who may have high-powered professional careers.

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