Healthy dating relationships powerpoints

20 and has a famous quote there, is strong on sovereign election as in Ro , 30 and 1Pe 1:2, but, unfortunately, holds to baptismal regeneration in such texts as Titus 3:5 and John 3:5. Fundamental attitudes of Christian maturity (1 Peter 5:5-14) 1.

He takes a literal interpretation of the thousand years in Rev.

(An Introduction to the New Testament) The Living Church - His commentary is very satisfactory indeed. We know of no work on these epistles which is so full and satisfactory.

American Journal of Theology - Canon Bigg’s work is preeminently characterized by judicial open-mindedness and sympathetic insight into historical conditions.

There are many good commentaries on the Petrine letters, but none equal what Brown has done in making the text come alive and providing a huge number of practical applications.

The two volumes combined run approximately 1,200 pages, which will give some idea of the amount of material contained in them.

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