High school senior dating junior

Most likely his friends will think its great and stuff but he'll have his doubts.His friends will probably give him ideas and he'll be pressured to the point of not knowing what to do.—Tasneem Nashrulla Dick's Sporting Goods, a major sports equipment retailer, said Wednesday morning it would stop carrying assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines.All AR-15s and semiautomatic rifles will be removed from its stores and website, the New York Times first reported."I pray that today is the beginning of our long and difficult journey from grief, sorrow and anger to a new consciousness of hope, compassion and love," Robert Runcie, superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, said in a tweet Wednesday. And to all friends, teachers, or even strangers be ready for a huge hug.

"We're not going to get into the details on the specifics of what we will propose but expect that to be part of the conversation tomorrow." —Tasneem Nashrulla When Nikolas Cruz, the suspected perpetrator of the Florida school shooting, turned 18, he refused mental health treatment being provided by the school district — and there was nothing school authorities could do, according to the district superintendent.Cruz reportedly tried to shoot out the window in a teacher's lounge as students were fleeing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, but the windows of the building wouldn't give way, according to reports.The Miami-Herald reported that Cruz would have had "a clear sight line" into the courtyard below from the window, as students ran out trying to escape the gunfire inside.From what I can tell, at the age of 16 (if you live in certain states) you can legally "date" (in a very loose sense of the word) someone who is at least 18 but not over 21 (Don't quote me on that 21 thing, that's an assumption since I don't think anyone could say "I'm 21 and dating a 16 year old without sounding sleazy"). I think as long as the 16 and 18 year old actually like each other and there's no evidence of being threatened into anything, then there really shouldn't be a problem.The age law is there to protect people..sometimes it's just a joke (considering people do it anyways). It seems that whenever questions like these come up, everyone just assumes that the guy is older (I think the logic behind that is "girls like guys who are older and more mature"), if it's an older guy dating a younger girl, he's suddenly a social outcast.

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