Igbos dating ghanaians debatable issues on interracial dating

Blood sacrifice, no doubt, comes from the original blood sacrifice performed by God when giving Adam & Eve clothes to cover their nakedness in the Garden of Eden.

Then some generations later Noah performed a blood sacrifice in gratitude to save him from the Great Diluge.

The name Ola-(uda)-h reveals that he was from the tribe of Yuda (J-uda). According to a Ghanaian commentator the Whydah/Yuda people live among Ghanaians, Beninians & Togolese.

Their men & women are known for their sheer beauty & perfection, hence their being targets for slavers.

The tribe of Levi anciently attached itself to the tribe of Judah (II Chronicles ), and Levites were among the Jews who rebuilt Jerusalem in the time of Ezra (Ezra 1:5).

TV host in an interview on Delay Show said she never dated Faisal Hakeem aka Paedae.The clear indication is that the Levites possessed superior musical, artistic and creative skills.Consequently, we should expect to find many Levites in the music and entertainment business today.Like the Simeonites, the Levites do not compose a single nation today, but are scattered among all the modern nations descended from the original twelve tribes of Israel.Although many Levites are in the ranks of today’s Jews, God’s prophecy that they would be scattered among all the tribes of Israel demonstrates that many are also present among the non-Jewish nations of the modern ten tribes of Israel. Biafra, a city sitting on the deserts of Seth, modern Igboland, Nigeria.

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